Y Series Reducer Motor


Y Series Three Phase Asynchronous Motor is a renewal and upgrading product based on the old series, with the mounting dimensions completely conform to the IEC standard & DIN42673 standard of Germany.

  It is fully enclosed, with external fan self cooling and the structure of squirrel cage. It has the features of novel design, compact structure, good start performance, low noise, high power, and convenient maintenance. The insulation level of this product is B grade, and can be upgraded to F grade as required. It is designed according to the international practice insulation structure assessment method, greatly improved the overall safety and reliability.

  This product is widely used in machine tools, fans, pumps, compressors; and driving equipments like transportation, agriculture and food processing machines. Can not be used in the flammable, explosive or corrosive circumstances.

Ambient Temperature: > -15℃ and < 40℃        
Altitude: Lower than 1000m above sea level
Relevant Humidity: <90%
Rated Voltage: 380V
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Connections: Y connection when output < 3kw▲connection when output > 4kw
Working System: S1 Continuous
Insulation Class: B or F
Protection Grade: IP55
Method of Cooling: IC0141