Speciel DC Motorer

Vores speciale er kundespecificerede, DC Motorer. Kinas mangeårige teknologiske udvikling af Motorer, samt lave lønninger, kobberpriser og produktionsomkostninger, er basis for global konkurrencedygtige priser.

Herudover leverer vi også et stort udvalg af Standard DC Motorer . Se øvrige menuer.


DC Motorer

Product Name:Industry DZF motor
IntroductionIndustry DZF motor,Technical Data,Characteristics and application: DZF Series DC motor is our latest products, widely used as a source of transmission of various types of machinery, metallurgical ind...
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Product Name:D series
IntroductionD sereis DC motor · Features and application     D series Large Size DC motor used polygon structure so that the using rate of the stator’s inner space is very h
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Product Name:D2 series
IntroductionD2 sereis DC motor Series D2 DC machine is used for industry. It’s suitable for electri
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Product Name:PM DC motor
IntroductionPM DC motor Mounting:A5 AA5
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Product Name:PMDC micro motor
IntroductionPMDC micro motors are used in a wide range of applications, such as in toys and models, massage vibrators, power tools, home appliances, office equipments, CD/DVD players, etc. Below are a few sampl...
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Product Name:DDJ-800series
IntroductionDDJ-800 sereis DC motor Features and application DDJ-800 Series Hoisting & Metallurgical DC Motor is a kind of DC motor used for metallurgy & hoisting, available for steel rolling
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Product Name:PM brush DC motor
IntroductionPM brush DC motor DPMB series
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Product Name:wiper motor
Introductionwiper motor
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Product Name:Univeral DC motor
IntroductionUniversal DC motor DB series
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Product Name:bus brushless motors
IntroductionBus brushless motors  45~75KW 80~120KW  120~200KW 120~200KW
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Product Name:Car brushless motors
IntroductionCar brushless motors 15~50KW 30~45KW
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Product Name:Tricycle motors
IntroductionTricycle brushless motors General Description 
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Product Name:Bicycle motors
IntroductionBicycle motors Bicycle DC brushless hub motor Item: DCQSWXH   Our produ
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Product Name:DC Gear Box Motor
IntroductionPM DC GEARMOTOR 60FJ50K/6075 Product Specfication and Usage-- 1. Dimeter 60MM gear reductor allows load 50kg.cm; 2.Alloy structural, Steel gears, Low noise Dimensions  
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Product Name:PM DC Planetary Gear Motor
IntroductionPM DC Planetary Gear Motor 22PXJ10K/DP2238 Product Specfication and Usage-- 1.DP2238 DC motor is specially made with small diameter, low rotation speed and big torque; 2.Diameter 22MM stre
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Product Name:BLDC Planetary Gear Motor
IntroductionBLDC Planetary Gear Motor 28PXJG20K/BL2838 Product Specfication and Usage-- 1. Dimeter 28MM
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Product Name:DC Worm Gear Motor
IntroductionPM DC Worm Gear Motor 90PWJ200K/83125 Product Specfication and Usage-- 1. An excellent worm
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Product Name:Coin Vibration Motor
IntroductionCoin Vibration Motor is a disc shape coreless DC motor with a built-in eccentric weight. It is light-weight and compact-sized, has no external moving parts, and very convenient to use.
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