AFJ Serie – High Voltage








AFJ It is a three phase induction motors which allow easy maintenance and high performance level. Optimized design,
quality of materials used. These motors suitable for several market segment applications including mining, sanitation, cooling
systems, cement, oil and gas, steel plants, pulp and paper and others.Veritas Quality Institute in accordance with ISO 9001
requirements. As well as all  medium and high voltage motors are also certified by internationally recognized certifying
institutions such as CSA (Canada) and CQC (China).
Each parts of the motor’s mechanical dimension and tolerances comply with GB/T1800~GB/T1804 and ISO standard.Outline
and mounting dimensions and power class of the motors comply with IEC72/JBT10444-2004 standard.These series motor’s IP
class comply with GB/T4942.1-2001(IP code)-IP55,also customized; These series motor’s Cooling method comply with
IEC60034-5 standard –IC411,and the mounting comply with IEC60034-7(IM code) .

Inner Structure Feature

AFJ Series of High-Voltage Compact type Three-phase Induction Motor is the latest-generation motor
with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protecting advantages. It is designed and
manufactured on the basis of experiences of years of manufacturing motors, through the analysis of
construction field, electromagnetic field, fluid field and compound field by large finite element analysis,
and through the principle of double circulated cooling and ventilating system. This series of motors have
advantages of small volume, light weight, compact conformation, good appearance and smooth lines etc.
1. Cooling air path, frame and end shield
AFJ series of motors has two independent cooling air paths: internal cooling air path and
external cooling air path , most of the loss heat transmit from stator core to motor
frame, and then bring away by external cooling air, the rest loss heat transmit to motor frame
through internal cooling circuit and take away by external cooling air.
The motor frame use quadrature distributed total cooling fin casting frame, between
cooling fins use nonisometric distribution and discentric circle combination method, 4 axial
air duct are provided at 45°direction. Because of the motor frame has reduced scale, outer
cooling air from non-driving end can reach to driving end more effectively through cooling
fins, so as to achieve the best cooling effect. The terminal box is located at upper motor side
where air duct has placed in order to not influence heat dissipation and the flowing of cooling
air. The frame inner surface around stator winding end provided with heat absorption rib.
Frame enough large area of dissipation with rib type construction guaranteed powerful heat
sinking ability.
Two lifting rings are opposite angle mounted on the air duct (the angle of lifting rings can
be random adjusted) to make the motor hoisting more convenient.
The end shield of driving end and non-driving end has the same structure; heat sinking rib
is provided for inner and outer of end shield to enhance the end shield stiffness and heat

The motors are mainly used in the areas of explosive gas atmosphere, for example:
petroleum, chemical industry, coal, power plant, metallurgy, traffic, spinning and weaving,
medicine, grain processing, etc. or so of general-purpose machine, such as fan, water pump,
compressor, crusher, trimming machine tool, transport machinery etc., or other similar
mechanical equipments.